Caren & Eric Wedding Info

Grandpa's Waltz for our First Dance

Eli, seen here dancing with his sister at her wedding, was Eric's grandfather. He was also an avid piano player who greatly enjoyed playing for friends and family. In early 1958 his son made a recording of him at the piano entertaining the family with an original waltz. This treasured old scratchy reel-to-reel recording of him playing has become priceless, especially since he never transcribed his original waltz to paper. Recently, a new digital recording with a danceable meter was graciously made for us by Alison, from Caren's side of the family.

For our wedding we decided to dance to "Grandpa's Waltz". We blended family contributions by playing Grandpa's intro leading into Alison's performance, as we began the first dance of our married lives.
tape Grandpa's Original 1958 Recording
Alison's New 2007 Recording

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